TRAIL RACE REPORT – Bastille 35km by Kyle Bucklow 🥇

The Bastille day 35km was a fast and flat one with perfect running conditions. Myself and my good friend Oli Morris took an early lead on the first and only real big climb of the race. We seemed to have put quite a big lead on the rest of the chasing pack. But after 25 kilometres, we were eventually caught by 3rd place runner Lovemore. He had noticeably used a lot of energy to catch us. We kept calm and let him take the lead while putting pressure on him from behind, forcing him to make a few mistakes.
The 3 of us stayed together for a few kilometres. But with 5 kilometres to go, Lovemore showed signs of fatigue on a short steep hill. We knew this was the perfect opportunity to make a breakaway. I eventually managed to cross the finish line in 1st place, with Oli just behind in 2nd and Lovemore in 3rd place. The rest of the b-team followed shortly, with DVG finishing 13th and Ryan Bekker in 33rd. We shared post race stories over a few cold beers.
Overall it was a good day out of town.

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