The FHAC is situated in the heart of the Fish Hoek valley, equidistant from both oceans. The club has a strong family ethos. This is evident in the club’s participation in races, support in club events and the Fish Hoek community as a whole.

While there is a strong involvement in road running, our members also participate in trail, cross country, walking and triathlons. We promote participation in events rather than victory at any cost. However, through this very participation we have developed a number of top performers who have and continue to fly the Fish Hoek flag proudly at provincial and national events.

Racing events are not complete until the Fish Hoek gazebo has been dropped. Our Fish Hoek gazebo is known to be the last structure standing at most events, proudly welcoming in our last competitors.

From humble beginnings . . .

It was in September 1977 that DJ Price, Don Holgate, Paddy Mills and Bert Thompson first met at DJ’s house to found the Fish Hoek Athletic Club.

Four members however were not enough to register a club, and Don Holgate’s children were quickly recruited as members to make up the required numbers.

The next hurdle to overcome was getting together the R50 required for registration.  Paddy Mills’ mom of the Avenue Hotel came to the rescue though, and generously sponsored  the (then pretty steep) registration costs.

And so the Fish Hoek Athletic Club was born.  They really got going in 1978, with regular meetings held in Don Holgate’s garage.  A favorite meeting place to run was the Garden of Remembrance at the bottom of KommetjieRoad

Jess Hutchinson, the son of Mavis Hutchinson (known in the late 70’s as the “Galloping Granny”) came up with idea to run a Fun Run (the first Fun Run in the area) in conjunction with the Mardi Gras.  This event, then run on the 2nd January, with a start at the back of AP Jones, was to become the South-Easter.

The first president of the Club was John Buck, and this position was ably taken over by DJ Price a number of years ago, upon John’s demise.  In October 2007, DJ became the only person to have completed every Voet van Afrika Marathon ever run.  This year sees the 33rd year of the race.  As a matter of interest, DJ ran his first marathon (Peninsula) in 1965.

The current clubhouse was opened in 1991.

The Club salutes our past Chairmen, who have stood “the test of time” in ensuring the success of the Club:-

A special word of thanks to Kim Jenkinson-Wright for compiling this history.

Promote athletics as a sport with a view to the optimal development of the athletics potential residing within our community

To encourage and provide an opportunity for its members to take part in Walking, Jogging, Running, Cross Country, Road Races and Track & Field events at all levels of performance.

Contribute towards the development and transformation of our Community, through the Development of Athletics from Grassroots to the highest levels of Excellence.

To promote an interest in the opportunities for athletes in the False Bay Area;

Committee - Meet the team

We are the lucky few who get to help shape our members and their families’ 2022 experiences around running. All our decisions are in the best interest of club FHAC and we look forward to growing our running community, catering to all levels of runners.

Andrew Procter

Andrew Procter


Hi, I’m Andrew Procter, Club Chairman. My role is to lead the Committee through meetings and the decisions we need to make for the running of the club. I also see it as actively promoting the culture and vibe we want and encouraging more people to join us. Before I came to South Africa (in 2008) my running was over short distances, 5 or 10Km as part of triathlons. Since coming to this great country, the longer runs are where I am happiest. In my 50s now, I am still trying to push for a sub 3:30 marathon, maybe next year…

Russell Mackintosh

Russell Mackintosh

Long Distance Coordinator

I’m Russell Mackintosh, Fish Hoek AC’s Long Distance Coordinator for this coming year. To date I have successfully completed 24 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons, 14 Comrades Marathons, 4 Puffers and 3 Rhodes Ultras . . . which hopefully has given me insights into what it takes to go beyond 42km. We will be putting together a program of training runs and information evenings to assist those who would like to attempt an Ultra Marathon in the coming year. I encourage you to get involved in the program, as there is nothing like the shared experience of training in a group for a big race.

Moira Oliver

Moira Oliver

Club Secretary

Hi everyone, I am Moira Oliver, your club secretary. My role on the committee is to take the minutes of meetings, stand in for the chairman if he is not available and assist in the annual prize giving. I also try and help out wherever I can. I have been running for around 14 years and it is my best thing to do. My favorite distance on the road is the half marathon but I am not averse to the odd Marathon and Ultra as well. My happiest time though is on the trails, clambering over rocks, wading through rivers and dashing down single tracks, smiling all the way

Bronwyn Davis

Bronwyn Davis

Social Team

Hi, I am Bronwyn working on the 2022 social events for the Club with Marna Herbst. We will host some fun events this year for all members and their families to enjoy. We encourage members to check in with us for any extra events you would like to enjoy and encourage ideas and suggestions to add to the Calendar for 2023 I started running in 2014 and have had great support from the FHAC family along my journey. I enjoy both trail and road. Stop and take those photos is also a thing on my runs. Through running I have met some amazing people. I look forward to giving back and supporting our Club as they have done for me. FHACING proud to be a Fish Hoek Athletics Club Member.

Marna Herbst

Marna Herbst

Social Team

Hi all, I’m assisting Bronwyn on the Social Events and help out where I can, also running with the kids before Wednesday TT. I have always been running and found belonging to a club makes it so much more fun. I joined the FHAC five years ago after moving to the WC and since then my running has really kicked off. I see myself as a mid-distance runner but aim for a marathon at least once or twice a year. My favorite time is running in the mountains and trails and enjoying the views!

Shirley Smith


Hi, everyone, I assist with club membership, licence numbers and club kit. I have been a member of FHAC since 2017. I love both road and trail and have completed one puffer (my all time favourite run) and one Comrades (the longest one). My goals for 2022/2023 include training for my second Puffer this year and next year I have some unfinished business with the Comrades up run.

Adrian Hayes

Adrian Hayes

Club Captain

Hi all, my role as Club Captain is to give direction to the running activities available to our members. This includes communicating with members regarding upcoming races, weekly training runs, the availability of training programs, planning Saturday Club runs, and overseeing the weekly Time Trial. Our aim as a club is to grow our running community by catering for all levels of runners and fitness. I have been a member of FHAC since I was 5 years old and followed in my father's footsteps completing numerous Ultras on the road and trail whilst my favourite distance remains a half marathon.

Neville Frieslich

Cross Country

Greetings All. I am your representative for everything cross country. Have always preferred running the shorter distances so when was introduced to this form of running about eight years back was hooked Cross country is for all ages from 8 to 80 young and old (like me) and is where many champions in all forms of running started. It is a great way to build stamina strength and speed and have lots of fun. The season runs through the winter months May to August at various venues away from the traffic and car fumes. It also usually forms part of our short course challenge. Hope to see many of you out there with me getting our shoes muddy and wet and cheering each other on. Especially all the young junior future champions. Entry fees are low and we will endeavour to have the gazebo up whenever we can. So come join in the fun.

Veronique Rossouw


Hi, I am Vi and I get to help with our club communications. I am a back of the packer who loves the longer distances on the road. I have set some ambitious goals for 2023 including an uprun to get my extended and no extra medal version of a Comrades back2back. I am at my VERY happiest on the trails and have been known to incorporate jeep and single tracks into my “road runs” My biggest running goal this year is to have as much fun as possible out there whether road or trail.

Andre Blom

Clubhouse Manager

A warm welcome to our FHAC Website. As the Clubhouse Manager, Andre Blom, I am responsible that our great club has a warm, friendly, and safe home where we can launch our club runs from and enjoy the company of fellow like minded runners. For the past 10 years I have enjoyed every km that I have ran on the road or trail, the furthest being a few marathons. I do prefer half-marathon’s and shorter, most importantly I make sure I enjoy every run to its fullest. See you on the road or at our wonderful Clubhouse!



Hi I'm Collette. The President of the Fish Hoek Athletics Club is a purely honorary position, a position which I feel honoured to hold. I joined the club 1987 when our strip was "Old gold jogging shorts & black & white stripped vests". The shorts always seemed to balloon around the rear. At that time we shared premises with the soccer club, until our own Club House was built in what used to be the garages under the hockey club. Personally I have always preferred shorter distance road races and cross-country. In the 35 years that I have been running I have run enumerable 10 km, 15 km and 21 Km races but have only managed to fit in 6 marathons and 1 Two Oceans Ultra.

Andy Cambell

Andy Cambell


Elmarie Swanson

Membership Team

Lauren Henderson

Bar Manager

Zeta Boysen

Red Hill Race

Nick Kasfikis


Hi, I am Nic Kasfikis the club treasurer. I joined the club in 2000 and soon after I was co-opted as treasurer, the position which I still hold. A successful club must ensure that the finances are in order which is why I ensure that the funds are well looked after. I started running when I challenged my wife that if she runs Comrades I will get on the road. Needless to say, I lost the bet and have been focusing on medium distances.

Captains Corner

Once Fish Hoek AC reopened our doors towards the end of 2021 (after 18 months of Covid enforced dormancy), amongst our immediate objectives were the re-establishment of two pillars of our club life:  Club training runs and the Wednesday evening Time Trial.

After a sluggish start (which was to be expected), we have seen a steady growth in the number of runners attending both Time Trial and the Saturday Club run. We have instituted a Kiddies Time Trial that precedes the main Time Trial on a Wednesday evening, and it is starting to gain traction.

There has also been an enthusiastic response to the various training runs that are on offer during the week. Please keep an eye on our whatsapp groups for details. We post our Saturday long runs in advance on our calendar. 

In addition, Kyle Bucklow has put together training programs for the 10km, half marathon and marathon distances, and these are available to interested club members on request.

More and more races are opening up after two years of almost complete inactivity.  With our membership numbers on the rise, we hope that Fish Hoek AC will once again become one of the most well-represented clubs in the Western Cape, whether it be on the road, on the trails or at cross country events.

Happy Running!

Adrian Hayes