Raising the fence, part 2

What a morning!

The teams arrived right on time, all beautifully coordinated in their team colours. There were runners, walkers and dogs aplenty, ready to run their loops, raise some money and have fun.

And boy, did we have fun. There was a constant stream of runners coming and going, the beer flowed, abuse was hurled along with plenty of encouragement.  Press up challenges were met, (Collette outlasted them all) and the rules were bent but it was all good.

Jillian provided a delicious chocolate cake to keep us going or slow us down, depending on how big your slice was. Paul’s ice-cold beer was gratefully received, and some runners enjoyed this part the most. Fires were lit, cheesy jaffles consumed, sausage, chops and steaks followed, and did I mention the beer?

How many loops did the runners do? It varied from 2 to 10, with one extreme athlete, Quinton Frieslich from the Fresh Legs team doing 16.

All in all, a fantastic morning of team spirit and FHAC gees. Thank you to everyone who took the time and made the effort to join us, even if it was just for one loop.

The final tally still needs to be done but we raised just over R5000.00. Some may say that is just a drop in the bucket and will only pay for a lock on the fence but leave a bucket under a dripping tap long enough and it will soon be full.

by: Moira Oliver

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