When to retire you trusty pair of running shoes

We all dread it, we spend so much time in our running shoes it is like an extension of our body, but there comes a time when you have to say goodbye to your old faithful’s and get yourself a new pair of shoes.

So when exactly is it time for a new pair of shoes?

According to most shoe manufacturers there, shoes should get you between 480km to 800km.

So why is there such a huge difference between how long a shoe last?  If you compare your running shoes to a car the mileage you get on 1 liter of petrol depends on a lot on how you drive the same goes for your shoes.

The best way, however, is by listening to your body when you suddenly start getting weird niggles like shin splints, sore knees and the bones of your feet hurting it is time to shop your shoes.

What makes your shoes last shorter than “what they should”?

  1. If you have a little extra weight you will run through your shoes quicker.
  2. If you pound the ground rather than kiss it. Having good running form will actually improve the life of your shoes.
  3. Shoes are also designed for midfoot strikers and if you are a heel striker you might also wear your shoes out quicker.
  4. If you walk in your running shoes every day that km also counts towards your shoe lifeline so keep your running shoes only for running.
  5. If you put your shoes in the tumble dryer, that heat just creates havoc on your precious friends.
  6. If you only have one pair of shoes,  your shoes usually need some recovery time especially after a long run, if you have two pairs you can rotate between then and in turn extend the life of both shoes.
  7. To much sun or cold and also affect the life of your shoes.

Happy running everyone, see you on the road.


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