Tracking your workouts.

Workout tracking.

As someone that is new to working out or running, it might be a good idea to track your workouts.  This will not only give you an overview of how frequently you exercise also how your times are improving etc.

Let’s start with some of the simplest apps that are for free to help you on this journey.

Most of these apps have a route planner and gear tracker feature as well.



Under Armour Group

Mapmyrun/mapmyfitness or even myfitnesspal is all part of the Under Armour group.  The great thing about these apps they are very useful even if you haven’t upgrade.

I will start with one of my favorites.


This app is really handy if you want to keep an eye on your diet, you will start off by telling it what your goals are.  Losing weight, keeping it the same or pick up weight.  It will work out how many calories you have to consume in order to achieve your goals per day, then it is simple if you eat or drink something you record it and it works out how much protein, carbs, and fat you are consuming it also lets you know if you are eating too much of one food group.

You can also add your exercises, as soon as you add these it will recalculate how much food you can eat for the day.

As a bonus, you can scan the barcode of your food and it will know automatically how much calories is in it.  I have used this app for a couple of months until I had a good idea of how much food is the correct amount for me on a daily basis.

This will also prevent you from going overboard eating a lot of extra food because you just started exercising, you will learn how much calories your exercise actually give you.

The other thing it helped me with is to realize what a difference good food choices make, don’t get me wrong I still eat chips and chocolates but I know if I do it have to replace a whole meal in order to keep my calorie intake balanced.


This is an app I still use on a daily basis.  Mostly for the challenges but it is still a very handy app.  This app for me is more balance; than some of the other Under Armour apps as you can log any type of workout on it.

Your dashboard gives you a nice summary of your weekly activity, you can also click on your individual workouts and see your cadence, pace and heart rate charts.

You can also add your gear and it will let you know when it is time to change your trusty running shoes.

The best part for me however and admittedly the reason why I started running is the You Versus The Year challenge.  Where you are challenged to run 1017km in one year.  Last year when I started the challenge I fought it was totally impossible to do that many kilometers in one year, but I persisted and finished the challenge.  This year I am almost to 400km and we or not even in April yet.  This is all thanks to this challenge.

Another cool thing about this app it that you can challenge your family and friends,  either who does the most workouts, workout the most hours or cover the most kilometers.

You can also start the app on your phone and go for your run it will then track your workout for you.

There is also Endomondo (which have more challenge but only takes GPS verified workouts), mapmyride, mapmywalk and mapmyhike but ultimately for me, mapmyfitness does all of these in one spot.


I must admit Strava is more for your bikers and the main reason I use this app is because me brother is on it.  Bonus, however, is that Strava gives you more calories on your workout than any other app, which one is correct?  I will choose Strava, it means an extra block of chocolate.

A great feature of Strava though is king and queen of the hill on a certain stretch of road, where it compares you to others that have done that same stretch and will even break it down to people the same sex and age.

Then there is also the Strava Flybys which I really love, when you have done a race it will show you and the other Strava racers on a map and how you passed one another etc. during the race.

Strava makes doing the same route a bit more fun as you can break your records every time and it is amazing how much motivation that little digital badge can be.

Their newest addon if you upgrade is training plans, suffer score, fitness and freshness.

Garmin Connect

Ok; I don’t know if anyone can use this since it is for your Garmin tracking devices.  I have the Vivoactive Hr which have a built-in heart rate sensor and tracks basically any kind of workout.  If you have a nice husband like mine you can download the HRrun app which you can then use to program your workouts on, and your watch will vibrate when you have to speed up or slow down.

The other thing I find my watch great for is base training, it will vibrate as soon as I go over a set heart rate, you can also set it up for walk run intervals if you want to do the Hanson training method.

All in all, I love my Garmin plus it automatically syncs with my other apps, making my live a lot easier.


Smashrun is great for summaries, if you run a distance it will compare it to other runs with the same distance.

I am sure there is a lot more apps that you can use to track your workouts but these are the ones I use on a regular basis.

Till next time…

Keep on moving…

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