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1.   My favourite race is:  Two Oceans Ultra Marathon – I grew up supporting my dad. My mom used to take my brother and I down to Sun Valley to wait for my him come through. I always remember saying that one day I will run it as well and I did. It is absolutely amazing to experience the amount of support you get coming through Fish Hoek you feel like a rock star. Also it’s such a beautiful route.

      2.  How many marathons etc have you done:  Marathons: 4, Two Oceans Half: 10,  Two Oceans Marathon: 3, Comrades: 0
        3.What is your favourite training run?  Chapmans Peak: The views are just so beautiful running to the Hout Bay and back.
        4 What is your least favourite race? . Peninsula Marathon: It is such a flat and boring route. It is also quite ugly going through Woodstock and Wynberg.
        5.  What do you love most about the club? The club is one big happy family and we support each other through good times and bad. Also the beers are cheap.
        6.How many Km’s do you average a week?  +/- 40km when training for marathons and Two Oceans.
        7. Great running story: Finishing my first marathon: The race was Cango marathon. To be honest I hadn’t trained nearly enough. Luckily my dad helped me every step of the way and I managed to get a qualifier for Two Oceans. It was a battle but I got through it and it was such an amazing feeling finishing with my Wife there to support me.
       8. Best advice for beginners: Don’t give in peer pressure, do things at your pace. Sometimes people can be tempted or pressured into doing certain distances which they are not ready for and this can put them off from running.

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