Marieta Stevens

Club Role: Race Director

Club Duties: Help out where I can, maintain the website, organize Red Hill.

What kind of queries:  If I don’t know an answer I will come back to you or point you to the right person.

Contact details:  or 084 370 9116

My favorite race: Peninsula, you get to run through your hometown and it was also my very first half marathon in 2017.

How many marathons: 1 Cape Town marathon, it was tough.

Favourite training run: ” Chappies”, beautiful run and you get some downhill as well.

Least favourite race: “Colour Run”, it looked like so much fun until you are part of it, you can hardly walk never mind run.

What do I love most about the club:  All the great running stories and free advice you get.

How many Km’s do I average a week? 40 K’s

Advice for new runners: Take is slow, if you hurt for more than two days in a row take a break, rather rest now than be injured for a long time.




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