Bruce Swanson

  1. Bruce Swanson
  2. Ultra Distance Co-Ordinator
  3. I run all distances, drink beer, enjoy Kale and vegan options and converse in Latin with Shannon Campbell
  4. I sit on the Sports Association Committee and protect our interests…………
  5. The public may never contact me as I will treat them like I do all cold-callers. Members of our club, however, may contact me on 083 713 5078


Your favourite race: Comrades – those who run it know why. Those who have not – its the pinnacle of road racing and embodies everything that is good about humanity. I am also acutely aware of the sacrifices that were made in the First World War which allows me to live the life I do today. Wearing the poppy on Comrades day reminds me of those sacrifices made and that nothing I encounter during the race will be as tough as what that particular generation went through.

How Many marathons, OMTOM & Comrades:  Marathons – 6, OMTOM – 1, Ultra’s – 2, Comrades – 1

Favourite Training run:  Smits 50 – The scenery and the way that all our supporters and seconders keep us going on the day.

Least Favourite race:  Cape Town Marathon – its the beginning of the season, the route is boring, it’s hot, it smells, its just kak…..but it was my first and will always remain awkwardly in my heart…..somewhere.

What do you like most about the club: Its a family. You can also spot our kit from the moon – which is useful.

What is your average Km’s per week: From 1/1 about 55, after comrades about 20

Funny Running Story: There are many but running into the finish with Andy Campbell this year and the announcer says “and here comes Andy Campbell – ably assisted by his younger club mate” I don’t know what was funnier, the actual announcement or the look on Andy’s face and subsequent abuse!

Best advice for new runners: Start slowly, build up your mileage sensibly, set small realistic targets, listen to your body and talk to the experienced runners (their knowledge is absolute gold and its usually for free – or the price of a beer or two). When you race, respect the distance but never be intimidated……….ever.

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