Be One of Us

There is a lot of reasons to join our running club here is just a few.

  1. You can socialize with other runners
  2. You will find new and exciting races
  3. Extra motivation
  4. Accountability
  5. Structured workouts
  6. You will have access to training coaches.
  7. Learn about the different aspects of running
  8. You will save money on race entries.
  9. You can run in a group which not only makes it safe but will make you faster.
  10. You will get great advice about previous races and what to expect, there will always be someone to answer your questions about anything running related.
  11. Fish Hoek is also known for its comrades and two oceans runners, if it is your goal to run these races they will help you get there.
  12. There is always a Fish Hoek photographer along the way and you can get your pictures for free.
  13. Your time trail runs count as official runs which you can add to your discovery points.


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