Reasons to Run

  1. You will be happier due to release of endorphin’s.
  2. You will have a stronger immune system.
  3. Your knees will get stronger.
  4. It is a relatively cheap exercise method.
  5. You will live a longer healthier life.
  6. You can discover new places.
  7. Your core muscles will get a good workout every time you run.
  8. It keeps your mind young.
  9. It improves memory.
  10. It lowers your risk of cancer.
  11. It lowers blood pressure.
  12. You will have a healthier heart.
  13. You will probably lose some weight.
  14. You will sleep better.
  15. Your skin will have a cleared complexion.
  16. You will have more confidence.
  17. You will probably meet new runners that will become lifelong friends.
  18. You will have some more me time.

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