Running shoes for beginners

It may seem a like an unnecessary expense when people tell you to get fitted for running shoes.  Thing is, they tell you to get new shoes because they actually care about you.

As a newbie to running, you don’t know how important it is to get your shoes properly fit.

Let me tell you my story.

I started running on my Mr. Price Sport cheap takkies, my knees, and hips were always sore after each run, and I will have new blisters, needless to say, running wasn’t that much fun.  I could barely make it to 5km with these but it didn’t dawn on me that it was my shoe’s fault.

I finally went to buy a new pair of Nike’s which was for me very expensive shoes because my soles on my old shoes were worn through.  These Nike’s had the best colors and fit perfectly in the store, happy with my purchase I started running just to discover that when you wear them for a while and run in them they actually pinched me on my small toe bone.

Growing up with what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger I kept on running with these for a couple of months, every kilometer was a challenge and I rarely could go further than 5km.

So off I went to Sportsmans warehouse, these guys should know which shoes will be the best for you, right?  I left there with a pair of Asics Gels, the only reason why I had gels is because I read up on which shoes are good for your knees.  These worked better than the previous pair but still gave me a lot of hassles with new blisters on every run.  I also didn’t have a good running style with them something was off.

Next step was to change socks, I should have done this a lot earlier but didn’t know better.  I now run with nothing else but Falke.  The socks did help for some of the blisters and the sore soles of my feet, yet I still had trouble doing long distances without pain. (This is not because of the shoes itself but by having them in the wrong size, which was recommended by the sales person.)

It was a couple of months later that my husband took me to Run a running specialty shop in Bree Street.  These guys are runners they know about the struggles of being a runner but most of all they know what difference the right pair of shoes can make.

First of all, they don’t push any shoe on you and you can even get their expert advice and buy your shoes somewhere else if you want to; but their prices are better than Sportsmans.  You take your old shoes with you and they look at the wear pattern this tells them if you are a heel striker, midfoot of front-foot, and this, in turn, tells them what kind of support you will need on your running journey.  It was also while we were busy with my current shoes that they realize the size of my shoes was one size too big and this was causing my the extra blister and sore knees.

Then off to the treadmill where they record and analyze the way your ankles roll and how you land when you are running.  They also ask you about your running experience if you have nagging injuries like bad knees and how far you run on a weekly basis.  It’s only now that they recommend which type of shoes would fit you best and you start fitting them and testing them on the treadmill before you decide which pair to buy.

This is how I came to my current pair of Brooks,  I very rarely have sore knees.  The hips have been sorted out by my first pair of Asics and for the first time, I could tackle longer distances on a regular basis.

What about the blister you ask, this was sorted out by good old Vaseline.

If I have gone to the right store, in the beginning, and got my shoes fitted with people that know what they are talking about I would have saved money on two pairs of noncompatible shoes and a lot of pain.

So take the plunge it is diffidently worth it.

Happy running everyone; see you on the road.


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