Running attire.

Being pretty new to running there is still a lot of things I learn the hard way but for some of those issues I have sorted out through trial and error.

Let work our way down.

Head Gear

The hat- not just there to save you from the sun pounding on you hear and glaring in your eyes, it is also great at keeping sweat out of your eyes.  It is for this reason that you see some people running in the gym of a hat on it just looks better than a sweatband.

Hair bands- for those of us with longer hair it is so much easier doing your run without your hair in your eyes. Especially with the winds, we get around here.

Earphones- great for music but it is not allowed in races anymore however you can have bone conducting music as long as it does not go inside or cover your ears.

Head light- Trail runners, early birds, and late night runners should invest in getting one of these, not only can it save you from stumbling but it should make you more visible which is very important.


All these cotton t-shirts with their cool logos on is so enticing when you want to go running but alas when it come to cotton and running they are not the best of friends.  Your cotton t-shirt loves soaking up water and form there on out it chafes against your skin, not only is this uncomfortable running around in a wet shirt it can also be very painful.

Your best option here is sweat wicking t-shirts especially if you want to do longer distances, also run your finger on the inside to make sure it is smooth on the inside, face it the people that design running shirts are not necessary runners.

So far I have been very lucky and haven’t  a run in bad weather, so far I just used my long sleeve jacket for those.  That being said Mr price sport now have some beautiful long sleeve t-shirts that I am eyeing.


The same rules that count for your t-shirt, counts for your running pants.  For me, I hate running shorts they just crawl up in places where I don’t want them.  Just make sure you have done a run in your pants before you wear them for a race if you are not sure about chafing rather use some cream or vaseline.


Again surprisingly cotton is not your friend, it is ever worse when it comes to your feet that cannot breathe as easily as the rest of you.  Unfortunately even with something as simple as socks it is best to try then out before race day. Trail running socks, for instance, are a little bit less slippery than your normal socks and can eat your feet if you are not used to them.


As per a previous article, it will be best to have your shoes fitted by a specializing running shop.  At the end of the day, it is not about the brand but which shoes are the most comfortable and causes the least amount of harm to you.

Running Belt

Whether you like it of not you will need some kind of pocket (well maybe not if you are at the gym).  This is where running belts come in very handy.  You can also find ones that have space for water bottles.  My belt usually has a key for the house, emergency cash, gels and you can also add your phone.

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