Review of the Slave Route Challenge 10Km

What a fun race and lively vibe throughout the race.  The marshals were awesome cheering you on all the way,  I am definitely doing this race again.

The weather was perfect running weather, thank you to whoever put in that order, little to no wind, not too warm and sunny.  A little nippy at the start but not a train smash when you stand inside the crowd.

The race starts off with the half marathoners which had 2734 finishers.

Silence so that you can hear the canon and off they go.

Up next is the 10Km runners with a total of 2700 finishers, the race admittedly started out very slowly and you couldn’t pick up any space for at least 1km.  Maybe use starting pens next time?

The race itself was great with some hilly parts and then being rewarded with downhill, luckily I checked out the profile of the race beforehand and saved energy for Koeksister hill.

This “hill” is only accessible to mountain goats and if you ever do this race be prepared it’s a tough one but the reward is well worth the effort. On top of Koeksister hill are club members dishing out koeksisters (thank you for all the people involving in making these) plus a well-deserved water and cold drink table.

After this, it is all downhill baby and you can pick up some speed without exerting yourself too much.  My fastest 1km and 1 mile were achieved on this section.

This was my 2nd best 10 Km which was very surprising as I only set out to do a nice training run,  I blame this on the lively crowd and the wonderful marshalls.  Thank you again for all your hard work.

Best conversation on the road “I promised myself I would train for this race but I forgot”.

Happy running everyone, I will see you at the 12OneRun.


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