My visit to RUN at Bree Street

Ever since Jono started at run and hubs went there to get a pair of shoes for Comrades (got shown how to tie his shoes and had a fun Comrades without spending unnecessary money) I wanted to have my new shoe assessment done by him.

Don’t worry Sweat Shop my next review will be from your store! So make sure you have the cookies ready!

For those that don’t know me, I used to have very bad knees, it took over six months of weekly visits to a physio to sort them out (yes it was a long six month especially since she said.  NO RUNNING until we are done, or we have to start over again.) My other big problem is blisters, I had blisters on my heels, in between my toes, the bottom of the ball of my feet,  I just can’t run a long distance without getting a couple of these.

I wanted a miracle a shoe that will stop my blistering while giving my knees enough support to last long distances.

So about 3 weeks ago I came to a sudden realization that my current shoes won’t get me to Cape Town Marathon, I was developing shin splints and my hips were sore (for me that is a sign that my shoes have kicked the bucket).

As I have never met Jono I could still get away with being an anonymous shopper, and since everyone was busy I just waited.

So I told him about the blisters and the knees, so on the treadmill.  The first thing is he said is he know why I am blistering all the time.  Your Vastis Medial muscles need to be strengthened.  You can use the following exercises to strengthen those and your feet won’t roll around so much anymore which will mean fewer blisters.

Next, stand up, pull your toes up “Ok you should stop stretching your calves on an edge of a step”.  I just gave him this total confused look like how the hell did he know I do that.  You also need to do a bit more strength training and roll out your right hamstring it is stiff.

Ok sit down take off your shoes and we will start fitting some new ones.

While I was waiting hubby came into the store and you could see Jono doing some mental calculations and then jumping causily into the question. ‘Do you know him?””Yes, he is my husband.”Suddenly all bets were off; I wasn’t a stranger anymore but someone that can be joked with (he pops in there often because it is walking distance from his work and RUN also genoursly decided to sponser PUFfeR litterly in the last minutes when we

Out come three pairs, this first pair 361 Meraki, which just felt right, the Ascis which also felt good, so walk around with both shoes on I opted for the 361’s.  Ok but try the New Balance also, when I put them on the toe box was just too big so back to the Asics on that foot.

He then run his hands along the shoes make sure that the fit is right and send me out for a run in the 361 to make sure that this is the pair that I want.

Last check and only when he is happy with the fit of the shoe he sells me a pair.


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