Milkwood Half 2018 Review

The Milkwood half seemed like such a glorious run, apart from it being practically on our doorstep it is just beautiful from the beginning right to the end if I have to choose the most boring part of the race I would say it is the loop in Kommetjie which wasn’t ugly at all.

This is the first time we have been able to run it, last year the hubby had an Achilles injury and the year before we just couldn’t go the distance yet. I was a bit nervous as my last three races have been a bit of a flop due to some severe cramping and a lingering calve “injury”, it felt like a pulled a muscle but yet it would recover after 3 days of rest.

If you want to get decent parking I do suggest that you come early in the morning, we were lucky and parked at the Kommetjie side parking using the very last available parking spot; we were also blessed with a nice 1Km warmup walk to the start through some fynbos and the company of other runners.  LOL the porta potties passed us on the way there, rather late than never!

After the run, this walk seemed endless as my whole left leg was cramping and it was only after the second Myprodoll that I could actually wobble somewhat. Ahh and the cars’ seat heater did wonders on the way back home, I could even get on the bike and finish the last 17Km’s of my husbands run with him.

The starts were like every other race; a lively mixture of friends chatting away about everything but mostly running, (a lot of Fish Hoeker’s gathered together but we were a small crowd this morning as most of the club ran Cango the previous day. Congrats on all the new PB’s and qualifiers!  Next year we will definitely join you) we almost didn’t hear the starting gun go off and we definitely did not hear any of the announcements…sorry.

This was a no plastic run, you had to carry your own water or grab a cup of water at one of the water tables, we opt for our hydration packs but still consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to afford those. I once tried running with a handheld bottle and about 2km in got so irritated with it that I gulped down the water and threw it in the nearest dustbin.  

That being said the water stations were handled by very friendly volunteers and you felt guilty for not taking water that was being held out to you, plus the road was super clean.

The one thing about the start is that it is kind of narrow for the first Km and you have to run in your position in order not to get stepped on or run over the person in front of you, you also have to keep an eye on the ground as the “tar” has a lot of holes in it.

Doing a nice flat loop in Kommetjie you realize that this surfing town is still very much asleep, and then the hills start….

I am not a big fan of uphills and Slangkop was a mountain in front of me literally and figuratively. In just 1.5Km you accent 94m meters; needless to say I opt for some long walk breaks here as my left calve was complaining and I really wanted to finish the race.

Whilst going up you have the looming mountain on your left with it beautiful rock striations and when you reach the top you are rewarded with some beautiful ocean views as well.

For the next 7 Km, you have mostly downhill with a very short uphill just before the Soetwater turn-off.  This is a time to just relax enjoy the view and let your legs turn over without working too hard, your ears are filled with the symphony of waves crashing against the rocks and a nice fresh wind to make sure that you actually do some work as well. Making a turnaround in Scarborough where dogs and owners are already returning from their early morning walks and some children are splashings in a swimming pools it is then that you get to experience one of the science laws, what goes down must come up; and for the next 4 Km’s you have a steady climb until finally, you turn off towards the end where you get a nice downhill and some flat road to end your run with.

Your medal is a sapling, I just love this idea.

The only thing that got on my nerves was the cyclist who comes from behind and pass right on top of you, even though you are running literally with one foot on the gravel and on the road; maybe we must start wearing fest that says think runner pass 1.5 meters away from the runner!

All in all a great run with beautiful scenery.

Best parts of this run, No blisters, this is my very first run over 16Km that I didn’t get blisters on, whoop whoop. No chafing, I don’t know why but since Jan I have chafed on distances as short as 5Km.  I also seem to be getting better at holding a consistent pace (something I have been struggling with since I started running 2.5 years ago), Also cramping was not concentrated on one area only; I had the luxury of cramping all over at different times which I prefer to just one spot during the whole run.


We hope to do this run next year again but if it is on the same weekend as Cango we will have to give it a skip :(.


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