I hate the FNB 12onerun

I hate the Fnb 12onerun because this run got me addicted to races. This was our very first race we ever did and it will always have a special place in my heart.

I hate they are so well organized, you only have to pitch up at the pickup point and there are buses to transport you to the starting point, what fun is it if you don’t have to catch a ride from total strangers to get back to your car?

I hate the drive to the starting point in the lively bus with the sun coming up over the city and all the chatting about how wonderful it was the previous year and why people

FNB Cape Town 12 ONERUN

keep on coming back, a bus full of runners and no one gets tired of hearing about your running stories.


I hate the starting point with loads of clean porta-potties and food stalls, live entertainment.

I hate the fact that the roads are completely closed and you don’t have do dodge the odd car that is trying to kill you.

I hate the entertainment along the road, how can everyone be so lively and friendly while you are running, cheering you along making sure that there is enough things to drink and even some biltong and chocolates along the way.

I hate how lively and full of energy the running busses are with cheers and music the whole way.

I hate the end going over the finish line with loads of cheering and friendly people giving you a medal.

I hate it, that is why I will go back every single year to soak up the vibe, enjoy the route and have the time of my life.




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