Hilly Socks

At the expo, over the weekend we saw socks called Hilly’s and the promise of preventing blisters.

I took one look at the price and said no, but my husband who loves me insisted on getting a pair or them; you see I am one of those very unfortunate people who gets a new blister to brag about on every run.

So far I have been combating my blister problem with vaseline which works great I might add there is only one hick- up,  your socks are not so fresh anymore after a few applications, one of the reasons I was looking at socks.

Coming back to Hillys the sale person told us about is having two layers the outside layer feels and looks like a trail running sock layer and the inner is soft.

So yes me being my usual skeptical self I did not want to waste money on a pair.

Getting home I was due for a long run in any case and what better way to test out blister proof socks.

They do fit very snugly and don’t stretch as much as normal socks do so make sure you get the right size.

One long run later and no blisters were the socks touched my feet I did, however, forgot to plaster or vaseline the spot between my little toe and its neighbor and got a huge blister for my negligence.

So, for now, Hilly socks get a thumbs up even thought they are very expensive,  I will let you know how they fare after a couple of runs.

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