Good reasons to join Fish Hoek running club

  1. You meet like-minded people, at the club conversations can run from anything like what to do about blisters, races they were banned from because they party too hard or just your next race profile.
  2. Advice and coaching are free and if you need to you can ask for a training program from your Andy and he will be more than happy to help you.  Even better ask around at the club who have the same goals as you and train together.
  3. In me and my husband’s case, you will have someone that can run with Speedy Consalus and someone that run with the slow poke (me).
  4. The best advice I received from a club member “so what if you can’t complete a race this year, train and come back next year.”
  5. The best quote “we are a drinking club with a running problem”.
  6. You will get very personal service.  Last weekend I was doing a very slow club run and told the guys up front they don’t have to wait for me, they droveout to the turning point to make sure I am fine and to give a cup of cold drink.
  7. If you have trouble getting yourself to exercise make an appointment with a club member and run together chances are you will pitch up for you run every time and have a great time as well.
  8. You will meet friendly people from all walks of life, skinny people, not so skinny, extroverts, introverts, fast, slow, serious and jokers.  There will be someone at our club that is a good match for your personality; which means endless hours of chatting about stats, gear, and races.
  9. The club is also a great place to help you chose out your races and news on anything that is running/exercise related.
  10. You will get in shape and if you follow our clubs training plans you will be ready for your upcoming race.  We will even help you train for the big races like Two Oceans, Comrades and The Puffer.
  11. We have regular time trails to help you improve your speed, for some of us, it is just an excuse to catch up on the latest gossip. 
  12. It is safer to run in a group and you can explore those remote running trails which you will not dare do alone.
  13. We try to keep our website up to date with all the new race results.
  14. Running is part of our lives and we welcome everyone to join us, we don’t care if you never want to run a race or will do the Masi 20 times in a row, if you are a runner you are one of us.
  15. We have a long run every weekend with different turning points to accomodate everyone.



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