Getting Ready for Two Oceans and Comrades with Miranda Dudley

Miranda Dudley
Miranda Dudley is a well know physiotherapist but what make her more unique is that she has also completed Ironman, 9 Two Ocean and 11 Comrades.  To say the least, she understands runners.

She is a firm believer in doing strength training on a daily basis not just to improve your running but also prevent injuries.

Some of the daily aspects we must look at is

  • Balance, if your body is balanced your chances of injury is much smaller.
  • Glute and hamstring muscles, these are the muscles that take you up and over hills and also works hard when you pick up your pace.
  • Calves, these little guys do most of your running work and also take a huge punch when you are running so look after them.
  • Core muscles, essential for good posture over long runs, the more you posture suffers, the more you suffer.
  • Feet, the only point of you that makes contact with the ground so give them so love.
  • Arms, if you can keep your arms moving your body should follow, especially when you are tired.

So how do I improve these areas to be a better runner?  Without paying an arm and a leg? (which I need for running) duh!

  1. Balance on one leg for 30 sec close your eyes and keep your balance, second step in bend your knee a bit and keep your balance.
  2. For glutes etc., tie a stretch band tightly around your ankles and now do the side way shuffle, do about 2 set of 10 reps.  Also, Tie a stretch band just above the knees stand on one foot and pull with your raised leg away from your body, now do one leg squats.  Another good exercise for your glutes and hamstrings is the bridge.
  3. When it comes to your calves, just do one legged calf raises, going up quickly and lowering yourself slowly, work your way up to 2 set of 10 reps each.
  4. Core muscles. The good old plank is still number one, keep your weight on the front and your body as straight as a plank (bum not in the air and abs not drooping on the ground).  Then there is also the side plank which you can make more “fun” by raising your one leg and the lowering and raising your body). You can also do the superman or bird dog, stand on your hands and knees lift the opposite arm and leg, switch sides.
  5. Take a tennis ball put in under your foot and just roll forward and backwards; you will soon find some spots that need extra love and attention, don’t use a hard ball for this as you don’t want to damage your feet.
  6. Arms, use a stretch band with your one hand over your shoulder and the other at the small of your back now just pull the stretch band apart, also take you stretch band wrap it around a very sturdy object and do some rows.

Another good tip is to get a “poor man’s therapist” IE. A foam roller.  This is best used after your run, but it is better to make a daily habit of it.

Here is a quick list of your exercises

Exercise Reps Sets
One leg balance 1 min 2
One Leg Squats 10 2
Side Shuffels 10 2
Bridge 10 2
One Leg Calf Raises 10 2
Plank 30 sec 2
Side Plank 30 sec 2
Superman 10 2
Arm extensions 10 2
Arm rows 10 2

Thank you, Miranda, for the great talk and advice.

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