Don’t judge a runner by its cover

If there is one big lesson that I have learned is that runners come in all shapes, sizes, and ages.

Never make up your mind about a runners capabilities by their outer shell or their running style for that matter.

Case and point; if you look at the women’s Comrades marathon winner of 2017. She does have what people will call the ideal body for a woman long distance runner, which is slightly above average length with long legs short body and not a lick of fat, but looking at her running style she didn’t look like she was going to make the end nevermind win, she looked like she was struggling with every single step.

One of the funniest stories I have is of me and my husband when we booked in at Stellenbosch for the Winelands runs,  I did the 5 km (as my knees were still healing from therapy) and my husband who is a little on the chubby side did the half.  Stepping back into the lodge that morning the friendly staff asked us where we have been by which my husband replied he just did the Winelands half,  they immediately started to congratulate me by which at that stage I could only reply ‘I only did the 5km he did the half”.  Needless to say, their mouths hung open.

Another good example of a running legend that did not comply with the ideal shape of a female runner is Elana Mayer, she is about average height and usually swung her head a little to one side while running; yet in running circles, everyone knows her name.

Age, age does not matter when it comes to running, a lot of runners (especially females) reached their full potential after 40 and I have been beaten by a lot of people with 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s badges; let’s just blame it on having a lot of experience ;).

Another thing is that you cannot see pure determination from the outside,  I am referring to those runners that just keep on putting one foot in front of another even after the water stations has been packed up and just will continue to run until they have finished.  These guys deserve a lot of respect!

The point is just run and have fun doing it, you are never too old, skinny or too fat to start.

If you don’t know how to start, why not come to the club on a Wednesdays at 18:00 and ask if there is someone that will help you or you can even ask on the facebook page.

Happy running everyone and remember the only one you have to beat is yourself.




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