Cape Town Festival of Running half marathon Review 2017

Standing in the shadow of Table mountain is 1500 people eagerly waiting to compete in the Cape Town Festival of Running half marathon.  We were blessed with the perfect running weather; not too warm almost always in the shadow of the mountain.

For me, this was a training run with a cool rewarded at the end so I placed myself at the back and tried to enjoy the run as much as possible.

I took my hydration pack with me since the notice went out that there will be no water sachets during the race and I must be honest it was the cleanest race I have been in ever, and I didn’t’ need my pack at all; thought it was cool to drink whenever I wanted too and skipping the water stations.

The gun went off at exactly 7h30 and being at the back of the pack it meant waiting to cross the starting line with the excitement pulsing through the runners.

The first short length is down the promenade turn left into Beach road; at this stage, you can see the serious runners already meters ahead of the closest pack and making it look so easy, and then a u-turn down the adjacent road.

Down we go until we turn left into Queens road which is steep, and you chastise yourself for skipping most of you hill training.

Turning right into Kloof road you a climb for about 4km and at the top, you edge through the houses and are rewarded with the most beautiful scenery then it is down hill turning right again into Lower Kloof road.

Through Campsbay, over the little river and then you hit the most camber piece of tar I ever came across, it felt like my one leg was shorter than the other and I am sure that most of the runner looked like leaning towers during this section.

Then a very long run until the turning point which is about 12 Km into the run and you start the long trek towards the finish line where you turn left into Seacliff  Road which has a wicked down hill and back onto beach road until just after the swimming pools.  Now you’re on the home stretch and on the promenade again where you get some cross training by dodging the tourist with their kids and doggies.


All in all, a pretty well organized and fun run.

Happy running everyone until next time.


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  • Moira oliver Posted 1st August 2017 1:51 PM

    It would be nice to know which club member wrote this race report

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