Blister and Chafing prevention

When it comes to running prevention is definitely better than cure, let’s face it you don’t want to run with blisters on your feet.

As a new runner I have learned a couple of hard lessons when it comes to blister and chafing prevention, hopefully, this will help other new runners not to repeat my mistakes.

Blisters in between toes

There are a couple of unlucky people who get blister just about anywhere like in between toes.  Socks usually do not fix this problem as it isn’t your foot rubbing against a shoe but more your toes rubbing against each other.

The first option is “monkey socks’ .  These socks should prevent your toes from wearing down one another as they protect each toe individually.

2. You can use a lubricant all over your feet.  Vaseline is a very popular and inexpensive rub that has worked for me in the past.  This being said the long distance runners say that it does not last for a marathon and you either need to look at a chafing cream or baby bum cream.  The downside I found in using lubricant on your feet is that you run through socks pretty quickly. It is for this reason that I started using micropore.


3. Micropore this is what I am currently using and it works.  It is a very soft and breathable tape that looks like it is made out of material.  I just wrap it around the toes that are the usual suspects and on weeks like this one when I am loosing skin in-between my toes I bind them first separately and then together so that there is no friction between the two toes.

4.  I did try a silicone toe protector but found that these guys don’t stay on during a run and had to stop my run to take it off.

Blisters underneath the ball of your foot or heel.

You would think that at one point your feet will get the message and stop forming blisters.  I am still waiting for that day ;).

I found that micropore does not work for these blisters (as they just come off and then you have a plaster inside your socks that also irritates you) and you can use lubricant again to help sort out this problem.

I did find two different alternatives that also work.

First one is two pairs of running socks, I use this usually on my shorter runs and my feet have been fine, for longer runs I use Hilly’s.


Don’t get me wrong they are a bit pricey but it really works, just a word of caution if you will be using Hilly’s in future make sure that you take them along when fitting a new pair of shoes as they are relatively thick.

The biggest problem I found with these is that they come in white/blue (male) or white/pink (female) colours only and the white on my ones looks more like a light brown by now.  Hopefully soon there will be other colours.

Another option which I haven’t try at all is foot powder,  it is not something I have in my house but the biggest obstacle I can see with this is when the powder gets wet it will cake maybe someone out there have tried it and can share their experience.


This is when your clothes or any accessories rub your skin raw whilst running.

First of all look at the quality of your running attire, here cotton is your worst enemy as it only collects moisture,  you want sweat-wicking attire and this includes underwear (chafed there once and never again).  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on these as well; I usually buy my running attire at Mr. Price Sports they last just as long and work just as well as the Sportsman’s warehouse stuff.

Once you have your clothing correct you might find that you still chafe on certain spots, breast area for men, I chafe at the inner seam of my bra, for this, you can either use chafing cream (which I found does not work on long runs) or just use micropore/plasters on those spots.

Things to remember you are more likely to chafe when it is warm and you throw water over yourself to cool down, so take extra precaution during summer also remember your sunscreen :).

This article is purely from my own experience I am sure there is a lot of other methods that work for you and would love to hear about them.

What is your favorite running tips?



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